“It is, surprisingly, even better than The Martian.”

First off, this book is not like The Martian (which I also read and enjoyed immensely). It is, surprisingly, even better than The Martian. Secondly, this is not merely a science fiction story. It is much more than that. It is a compelling, intelligent novel about complex human beings, realistically facing unprecedented issues, in the near future. The characters, especially the central character, are fully rounded personalities, with virtues and flaws. Some you will love, some you will despise. I read one or two books per week, focusing on crime and legal fiction, with some historical novels and biographies and occasional humor. I may read one or two science fiction books per year. Nevertheless, I found this story to be compelling. I forced myself to “slow read” this book, because I did not want it to end. I am astonished that this is the author’s first full novel. I will eagerly await what he writes next.

–Amazon reader William B. Fokes

She’s all that stands in the way of war on the Moon.

They said Conn wasn’t qualified for astronaut training. To prove herself, all she’ll have to do is outwit alien races, escape from prison, run a huge business, survive assassination attempts, engineer impossible rescues — and walk on the moon.

Never tell Conn there’s something she can’t do.

“It is, surprisingly, even better than The Martian.”

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What People Are Saying


A worthy novel for those that crave hope for the future, not just in science fiction, but in our lives as well… Could not put it down, as it took me back to reading Heinlein’s juveniles from the 1950s… Great plot, development, and characters. Plausible, and eminently enjoyable for all ages. [link]


All in all, this is a very robust story with a bit of hard science, intrigue and suspense. The characters are written with a lot of heart, strength and humaness. There is a lot of background to digest and more than one mystery to solve as the story takes the reader from the ocean floor to the moon, Tethys, in orbit around Saturn….This is a great story that just continues getting better and better. It doesn’t let up. [link]

Pat Cummings

Yet what feels even more real than the slightly-advanced tech are the emotional interactions, the jealousy and envy and spite, the admiration and aspiration and generosity, the fear and delight, displayed by all these people, human and alien alike. New authors (and sometimes veteran writers as well) can make the mistake of painting characters as either black or white. Burnett dodges this bullet; even Conn is a frustratingly messy mix of emotional reactions. [link]

London Marion

This is the best I’ve seen in a long time with the exception of The Martian (the book, not the movie) and as many as I read, that’s saying a lot. [link]


About the...

Girl on the Moon is the debut novel from Jack McDonald Burnett. For more information about Jack, see his website and his Amazon.com page. Sequel Girl on Mars was published in October, 2017. Jack’s second novel, Pauper, is also available now.